Registry Tips

1. Start early

Begin your Presentmethis gift registry at least three to six months before the event to give guests plenty of time to shop.

2. Register for a variety of items

Register for items at different price points and across different categories to give guests a range of options.

3. Consider your lifestyle

Think about your lifestyle and needs when creating your registry. For example, if you love cooking, register for high-quality cookware and kitchen gadgets.

4. Be specific

Be specific about the brands, colors, and sizes of items you want to avoid duplicate gifts or receiving items you don't need.

5. Update your registry regularly

As gifts are purchased, update your registry to avoid duplicate gifts and ensure there are still options available for guests to choose from.

6. Consider group gifts

Group gifts, like a high-ticket item or an experience, can be a great option for guests who want to go in on a gift together.

7. Be grateful

Remember to send thank-you notes to guests who purchase gifts from your registry to show your appreciation.

8. Check for completion discounts

Many retailers offer discounts on items remaining on your registry after the event, so be sure to check for any completion discounts you may be eligible for.

By following these tips, you can create a Presentmethis gift registry that reflects your style and needs while making it easy for guests to find the perfect gift for your special occasion.